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Mill Roll Specialist

Chairman's Message to Mill Owners

More than 80% of the steel produced in the world is rolled and only 20% is cast, forged or fabricated. Pakistan is no exception, hence the re- rolling industry constitutes more than 80% of the steel sector.

Roll is the vital part of the Rolling Mill and has the most arduous duty to perform. It is subjected to heavy mechanical and thermal stresses and very often to unprecedented loads. Obviously. the manufacturers of such part warrants high level of metallurgical skills. experience and competence.

It was1986, when Mill Roll Specialists (MRS) took this challenge and started producing rolls by single pour vortex casting technology in country Q and since then supplying to continuous high speed mills. But, MRS never stopped the R & D and continued to improve the quality of the product, keeping abreast itself with the latest development taking place in the world.

Now by the grace of Almight Allah. we have achieved excellence in "Cerltrifugally Cast Duplex Composite Rolls" which is the latest manufacturing technique in the world till date. With this. Pakistan has not only entered the club of the roll making nations. but also emerged as a leader. We claim that our rolls are much better than those of any other Asian countries.

Alloy chilled rolls produced by this technology ensure high productivity, longer life of grooves, best quality of the rolled product and warranty against Roll Breakage unless a mill accident happens. This positive factor helps in the smooth running of mills. decreases roll inventory and results in tremendous cost saving.

We. as the pioneers of excellence in roll casting in Pakistan, share this joy with our customers in the field of Steel Re-rolling, Non Ferrous Rolling, Food Grains, Rubber, Plastic, Pipe and Paint Industry.

Every roll user knows that roll is not a sell and run item. To get the maximum benefits, it requires a strong relation between manufacturer and user. With advent of new technology we are keen to maintain such relationship by providing operational Guarantee/Warrantee of our product for the financial benefit of our customers.

Eng. Mian M. Akram


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