Company Profile
Engineer. Mian M. Akram (Chairman )

B.Sc. Metallurgy

Welcome to Mill Roll Specialists, Mill Roll Specialist was established in 1985 by Engineer Mian M. Akram, a graduate of UET Lahore in Metallurgy with Distinction (1972). With the practical experience of 35 years and special training in roll casting from Russia in 1976, from China in 1978, from Tiwan and Japan in 2002 and 2004 respectively.

He was awarded as the best Foundry Engineer in Pakistan by UNIDO (1983). Today Mill Roll Specialists (MRS) is the only leading company in Pakistan with over 25 years of experience in creating the tailor made solution for our customers by producing high quality.

  • Alloy Definite Chilled Iron Rolls,
  • Indefinite Chilled Iron Rolls,
  • Grain Iron Rolls
  • Composite Carbide Rolls
Engr. Mian M. Khurram ( Director )

B.S. Metallurgy & Materials

Manufacturing of Rolls at Mill Roll Specialist (MRS) is supervised by highly qualified Metallurgists who have specialized training in this field. These high standards of quality in production and inspection in well equipped laboratories have enabled us to be the only winner of ISO 9001:2008 Roll manufacturing company in Pakistan, meeting the International Standards.

MRS has always dedicated a lot of resources to uphold ultimate quality of its products. Years of experience in the business, dedication of its devoted administration, engineers and foundry men and careful selection of high grade, tested raw materials ensure that every Roll coming out of our manufacturing line meets the quality standards of the company.

Mission Statement
Mill Roll Specialist is committed to provide the highest quality products possible through our highly skilled and dedicated work force and state-of-art manufacturing process. We pursue an aggressive outgoing research and development program thus ensuring our future as a leader in Roll casting metallurgy in Asia.


Alloy Definite Chilled Cast Iron Rolls

Indefinite Chilled Iron Roll

Nodular Iron Rolls (S.G Iron Rolls)

Composite Carbide Rolls