Testing Laboratories
Mill Roll Specialists is a brand and each Roll manufactured at our works is our brand embassador. That carries our name and repute.

Laboratories are the back bone of MRS. We have a full-fledged latest laboratory comprising all the latest analytical equipment required to determine the right quality and composition of raw material.

This is where the strict quality check over each Roll is performed according to the International Standards before dispatch to the customer. Various tests are carefully carried out to ensure zero-defect. A series of Metallo Graphic and Mechanical tests monitor the structural homo-geneity and ensure that Rolls are free from cracks, blow holes, inclusions, slag and all the other metallurgical and structural defects.

Chemical testing, hardness testing chill depth, liquid penetrate testing for cracks and flaws and non destructive testing of Rolls is done with in the working premises before dispatch to the customer. Mill test certificate is provided with every Roll manufactured and delivered.


Alloy Definite Chilled Cast Iron Rolls

Indefinite Chilled Iron Roll

Nodular Iron Rolls (S.G Iron Rolls)

Composite Carbide Rolls