Alloy Definite Chilled Cast Iron Rolls
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The working surface of Definite Chilled Rolls shows the white graphite free structure consisting of eutectic carbide and transformed austenite. This gives a hard layer which confers good resistance to wear. The core and the neck exhibit a tough grey and some time S.G Iron structure which gives excellent " heat dissipation and strength to the Roll. The unnecessary mottled zone is eliminated.

These Rolls are used for finishing stands of the mills for round bar, deformed bar, balling hoop. Wire rod TMT bar small section Rolling Mills, Aluminium Rolling and food Processing Mills.

Mill Roll Specialists is the only Roll manufacturing company in the country that exhibits the latest double pour centrifugal casting machine & technique.

Centrifugal casting of these Rolls enables them to be dynamically balanced and gives high density and fine grain size. These three properties of the roll make it to be the best option for the finishing stands of the mills.

Clear chilled cast iron rolls are divided into three categories, according to their Alloy composition and wear resistence.

Alloy Definite Chilled Cast Iron Rolls

Indefinite Chilled Iron Roll

Nodular Iron Rolls (S.G Iron Rolls)

Composite Carbide Rolls