Indefinite Chilled Iron Roll
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This category of Rolls is also called as "Grain Iron Rolls". Unlike, Definite Chilled Iron Rolls these rolls have less amount of clear chilled and large amount of mottled structure. Indefinite Roll is cast using such proportion if of silicon, chromium, nickel and molybdenum, that working face is no longer completely white but contains a small amount of very finely dispersed graphite flakes gradually increasing from face to core with corresponding decrease in amount of carbide.

The transition from Chill to graphite being more smooth, this gradual change in hardness associated with the indefinite-chill structure allows deeper grooving. Thus the Indefinite Chill Rolls have better strength in deep groove rolling such as section rolling. These Rolls have superior biting capability.

Rolls of this type have hardness up to about 80 shore °C. They can be grooved for processing section such as T-bars and U-Sections, and for roughing and intermediate stands of wire rod mills.

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