Nodular Iron Rolls (S.G Iron Rolls)
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These rolls are also called "Ductile Iron Rolls" and are produced in wide range of composition to satisfy the Rolling Mills requirement. These Rolls are used in Roughing and intermediate stands of Rolling Mills, warrant proper structure of transformed austenite (pearlite) eutectic carbide and spheroidal graphite. Spheroidal Graphite iron Rolls may have a pearlitic matrix or, if relatively large amount of alloy elements are present in the structure may be accicular or martensitic. Ranging in hardness from 50-80 HSC. Rolling parameters of a particular Mill enable the Professionals to decide the structure and hardness.

Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron (S.G Iron) or Ductile Iron is also considered as one of the most versatile roll materials now a days. In S.G Iron Rolls , the free carbon takes the shape of spheroids or nodules, thereby, eliminating the notch effect of flake graphite & improve the mechanical properties of the cast iron. S.G Iron Rolls are so superior in wear resistance to that of Cast and Forged Steel Rolls that they are specially adapted for roughing and intermediate plate mills, rod and bar mill, rougher of automatic and semi automatic mills. As a result of the spheroidal form of graphite, S.G Iron Rolls are much stronger than rolls of clear-chill type and the gradual fall in hardness is an added advantage.

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Nodular Iron Rolls (S.G Iron Rolls)

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