Composite Carbide Rolls

"Our Pride Product, the most beneficial for Re-rollers Ultimate solution for high speed automatic rolling mills"

Composite-Carbide Rolls are the top product in our manufacturing range that suits the mills keen to roll more, waste less and maintain size and tolerance of the rolled product.

The carbides of Fe, Ni, Cr & M0 in the centrifugally cast shell are coated over the extremely high strength Nodular Iron Journal to produce a composite material that solves the two core issues related to rolling,

1. Productivity

2. Roll Breakage

The high tech metallurgical process of interlocking two different materials of entirely different properties has enabled these rolls to exhibit guaranteed performance. Operating experience shows that composite rolls povide up to 3 to 5 times roll tonnage of conventional local and imported rolls. This translates into a considerable increase in mill output. Scrap is reduced, the production flow runs smoother. Product tolerances and surface finish is improved.

All in all, MRS Composite-Carbide Rolls are well-suited for better production economy in the rolling mill.

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